What We Do.

For us, photography isn’t just about creating beautiful images.  It’s about telling powerful stories and capturing the essence of life, adventure, and all of the ordinary and extraordinary moments along the way.


Celebrating the arts, music, or culture? Throwing the most piratical party to ever come ashore? Is there a Renaissance faire with marvelous entertainment and drink fit for champions? Show off your heroic finery and we are sure to be there!


From local to international venues, we’ve traveled the world to experience and photograph spectacular events in their honest and true form.  From the smallest of gatherings, to the grandeur of the biggest celebrations, we capture the essence and spirit to tell your story.


Need photos to help promote your business?  Ready to reveal your latest culinary concoction?  We can collaborate with you to provide images that truly represent your brand, while embodying your personality, style and vibe.


Take the stress out of photographing your vacation!  We travel to your destination, and become your own personal paparazzi.  Relive your vacation through print-worthy, non-selfie, candid photos of you and your companions.

Faires + Festivals

The call has gone forth – assemble the mightiest faires and festivals!

For years now, we have been attending local and distant renaissance faires and various festivals.  What began as simple enjoyment as patrons and taking an occasional photograph, has turned into thousands of photographs of some of the greatest memories and friendships.

Our style varies between candid and posed, and we try to minimize how we affect the photographs. Ultimately we want them to be as raw and honest as possible; true story-telling images.


From the smallest of gatherings, to the grandeur of the biggest celebrations.

Often you will find us on location at concerts, themed events, holiday celebrations, and magical attractions.  Hosting a personal or corporate event?  We will capture you and your guests at their best!  We can produce a variety of images that tell the whole story of the event, including candid and posed shots, unique characteristics, the venue, and location surroundings.

commercial photography

commercial photography

We create compelling visual images to speak about your product or service.

By collaborating with us for your corporate photography needs, we create images that are unique and authentic to your brand.  Choose to focus on your products, location, or action shots of your employees doing what they do best.  Or, let’s do it all as a complete package!  We never shoot the same way twice and always look for creative and innovative techniques.

vacation photography

vacation photography

Take home the best souvenir: photographs!

Let’s face it.  Most of us have had family vacation photos that turned out sub-par.  With our customizable vacation photography package,  we become your own personal paparazzi.  Choose when and where you want us to be, for a one-of-a-kind experience! Capture the magical moments that bring back the warm, fuzzy memories for years to come! (in hi-res, non-selfie, print-worthy quality)