An exciting new event took place at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, called Kingdom of Wizardy.  The Wizarding Academy educated us in our chosen school of magic, Nature School.  Our itinerary consisted of Magical Beasts with Professor Samuel Hain, Potions with Professor Potus, and crafting our own magic wand with Professor Stanleey.  Most importantly, we learned how to harness the natural world to help defeat Lord Darkstone…Dun…Dun…Dun! 

A refreshing bubbly drink was welcomed after receiving our diplomas and insignias, at which time we had the great pleasure to meet Headmaster Villane.  Other  highlights of the day were seeing the Weasley’s flying car – the 1966 Ford Anglia, watching a Quidditch match, and getting up-close to a Eurasian Eagle Owl!